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Top 5 Yoga Poses For Back & Neck Pain

Are you ready to get your body out of lock down?


Start on all fours in a neutral position. Hands under shoulders, knees under hips. 

Inhale, lift the chest, drawing shoulders together, lengthen the neck and drop navel towards the ground.

Hold for 3 seconds. Cow Pose

Exhale, tuck your tailbone under, arching the spine, making space between shoulders, tucking in the chin,


Hold for 3 seconds. Cat Pose 


Rest the bum onto heels, arms reached out, making space in the chest. Forehead rests on the mat. Can sway side to side.

Hold for 3 breaths.   


Begin standing, feet turned out slightly, keep knees out as you sit back drawing tailbone towards the ground. Allow hips to open, using the arms to act as a leaver to open them further.

Hold for 3 Breaths.


Begin sat tall with a lengthened spine. Bring arms behind you, drawing shoulder blades together whilst lifting the chest. Can either lift the chin or let the neck relax back onto shoulders.

Hold for 3 Breaths.


Begin sat with legs out straight, bring the left leg over the right, interlace the hands around the knee and squeeze into the chest.  

Hold for 3 Breaths, alternate legs.

For a deeper stretch, bring the straightened leg under you, foot resting under the bum, knee pointing out straight. *Any discomfort please return to the 1st step. 

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