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Support Team

Libby Pritchard
Front of House Host

Libby, our dedicated chiropractic assistant since August 2021, has found her passion for chiropractic care and its impact truly inspiring. Her time in the role has ignited a strong desire to deepen her understanding and expertise in this field. She is eagerly in the process of completing her Master of Chiropractic degree at the University of South Wales, due to graduate in 2027. Libby's journey from assistant to aspiring chiropractic practitioner is a testament to her commitment and enthusiasm for enhancing the well-being of others through chiropractic care.
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Businesswoman on Phone

Kim Mills
Front of House Host


Jade Bate

Jade has recently graduated with a degree in English, media and journalism. Admist her studies she found her calling to the space of holistic health and travelled to bali to become a yoga and meditation teacher, and fully immerse herself in the islands rich culture and spiritual practises, inspiring her to now deepen her studies and knowledge of the mind and body. With an interest in both creative writing and holistic health she hopes to combine these passions to spread the word to educate and empower people to heal and show up as their best selves
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Sadie Jarrett
Front of House Host

Our Chiropractic assistant, Sadie, has been an integral part of our team for more than five years. Following a period dedicated to enhancing her expertise in Yoga and Reformer Pilates, Sadie has returned to our Tuning Room community to impart her wisdom on achieving wellness and harmony. She is fervently committed to enabling others to discover and harness their inherent capabilities while attaining bodily alignment and liberation. Don't hesitate to reach out to Sadie if you have any inquiries about yoga, Pilates, or mindfulness.
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