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Conner George
Soft Tissue Practitioner

Get to know the passionate and dedicated team that's here to support your journey to better health and wellness, and optimal alignment in every aspect...



Conner began his studies in health and exercise in Cornwall whilst playing rugby, a sport he is passionate about. Quickly after becoming injured during sport Conner became intrigued with the body's intricacies. Therefore prompting the study of a masters degree in Sports Rehabilitation at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Being mobile and active is paramount to Conner’s beliefs of a person's health both physically and mentally. Conner’s aim is to help show people how mobile they are and the potential for their activity levels, no matter what labels or diagnosis they have been given. 

Conner is a specialist in joint, bone and muscle assessment and enjoys using both hands on and exercise therapy to reduce pain and improve function in the body. Previously Conner has worked in semi-professional and elite youth football as well as rugby.
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