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At the Tuning Room we work together collaboratively as a team to help you achieve your goals. In addition to chiropractic, we have a mind coaching expert to help you remove blocks and unhelpful patterns, ensuring you achieve your goals. This process aligns your thinking self with your emotional self, enhancing your body's healing process.

Meet Ruth, The Fresh Air Coach

I am a coach, a mum, a wife and a walker. I love people, and I love being outside. Having initially trained as an engineer, I became a teacher and then spent more than a decade as a business coach and trainer. After our daughter developed anorexia at aged 12, I became fascinated by what keeps us mentally and emotionally well.  After supporting her recovery, I furthered my coaching training, founded a wellbeing business called Fresh Air Fridays, and coached individuals with business challenges, anxiety, relationship problems and health challenges. I now also specialise in working with parents who have a child with an eating disorder.


I have spent over 25 years coaching and supporting people’s development. I am passionate about supporting you to live your best life. I know you are awesome, I make the process of getting you to recognise that too easeful and enjoyable.


What is coaching all about?


You probably didn’t wake up thinking, ‘I must get a coach’, yet more and more people worldwide are seeing the benefits of working with a coach. They see a decrease in anxiety, an increase in confidence and self-esteem. Their wellbeing improves, as do their relationships and the quality of their life. As a client of the Tuning Room, you are already taking positive steps towards improving your wellbeing. The physical and energetic improvements you are seeing will already be having an impact.


The challenge, however, is that if you carry on doing things the way you have always done them, it is probable that your physical challenges will come back. Our bodies and brains need to be considered as a whole system. When one part of the system is off, it impacts the rest. Working with a coach alongside the work you are doing with your body will not only raise your levels of wellbeing, it will help you maintain the progress you are already making.

What will you get when you work with Ruth?


The quality of your life depends on your communication, both with yourself and with other people. The things you say to yourself impact your habits and behaviours. The things you think affect all your relationships. When you work with Ruth, you will feel good about yourself, understand how to communicate effectively with yourself and other people, improve your habits, and become clear and confident about the things you do in your life. You will know how to stay well and enjoy your life fully through the ups and downs.


You will feel calmer and happier. You will improve your relationships have a better home and work life, experience more peace and learn how to develop and maintain your wellbeing.

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What do I do?

After a brief telephone chat so that you can check I am the right fit for you, we will arrange a session. I take you on a gentle walk, I ask questions that help you to find the correct answers for you. I support you to become confident in your decisions, create helpful habits, and communicate effectively with yourself and the people around you. I have a metaphorical toolbox of things that we can use to help you understand what you need and make any changes that you want.

What do I provide?

A safe space where you feel supported and can be honest with yourself. Outdoor coaching sessions at a frequency that feels right to you and WhatsApp support between sessions. You will learn to put down worry and anxiety, trust yourself, and make decisions that work for you. You will come away confident, calm and happy. All the great work you do at the Tuning Room will be enhanced and easier to maintain.

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