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Exercises For Pain Relief

Low Back Pain & Tight Hips

This is our No 1 stretch for releiving tightness in the low back back by relieving pressure in the gluteal muscles, which are located around the hips. 

Sitting Induced Low Back Pain 

This is our No 1 stretch for releiving 

low back pain from prolonged sitting. Here we stretch the hip flexors AKA psoas muscles at the front of the hip. 

Reverse Bad Posture With Foam Rolling

Anyone who has slouched posture, rounded shoulders or forward head carriage can benefit from this easy exercise. If you spend alot of time on your phone, laptop or driving this will reverse slouched posture.

Reverse Tight Hamstrings & Tight Calves

If you have tight calves or hamstrings, you probably have a tight "back fascial chain". Fascia is a spiders web-like substance that surrounds the muscles and organs. There are chains of it in our body. The back chain starts at the base of the foot and goes up the back of your leg, up your back and over to your forehead. 

How to Improve Balance & Ankle Instability

If you have fear of falling, unsteady on your feet and have recurrent ankle sprains, this exercsie will help you improve balance, and increase the strength of your ankle ligaments.

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