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Donny Epstein has expanded the principles of chiropractic to a level that means physical adjustments are not necessary to facilitate healing and change within a person.


As some of you may have experienced already if you have been on a Clear Day, this Network Spinal technique is truly extraordinary. Network Spinal is a soft touch technique that produces incredible results. 

For more information on this, please view these videos HERE from Donny himself.


We are so excited and proud to announce Tom completed his 3 years of training in 2022, with yet more weekend seminars. Firstly, a visit to Bournemouth in March, London in April, Bath in May, Denver in October, and then Hamburg in November to complete no less than 18 weekends over 3 years!


This dedication and hard work has facilitated the amazing experience of our new Clear days, and our first ever retreat coming in February 2023. 


For those of you who are keen to learn more, you can buy our online 12 week Primordial power program here.

Visit the network Spinal website HERE or follow Donny Epstein on YouTube HERE.



This 12-week program is only for people ready to put 100% into the process. The program is designed to challenge your current belief systems and create instability to evolve. This process is not easy, but you will be guided step by step and the outcome at the end will be more than you can imagine. 

The 12-weeks will consist of a 2-hour live group session every fortnight, to learn the key concepts and to receive a group entrainment on your nervous system. An entrainment is a type of adjustment that works on a deeper level of your body and mind, to create a deeper level of reorganizational healing. These sessions will be done in a group setting to maximise your own healing experience. The group will be carefully selected to be balanced energetically and synergistically. 


Each session will build on the last so 100% attendance is required. You will be experience truly life changing shifts after each entrainment and the 2-week period in between the live sessions is there purposefully to allow your body and mind to integrate and process your newfound power.

You will have some exercises and small tasks to complete between the live sessions, to cement your newfound power. You will also have 6 dedicated 1:1 accountability sessions with your coach Dr Thomas Greenfield, to be scheduled on alternating weeks to the live sessions

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