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Network Spinal

The Tuning Room is the only place in Wales you can receive Network Spinal from a team of Network Spinal practitioners. Our expert team have undergone significant training and development to provide the highest quality care to our practice members, of whom all can benefit from Network Spinal.


Network Spinal is a chiropractic technique that is very gentle, organized, and specific.

Instead of manual adjustments to the spine, which can involve “cracking” and “popping,” Network Spinal utilizes light touches to the spine, mostly in the neck and sacral (lower) regions.

These light touches, known as contacts, help to unwind stored tension and trauma within the spine and nervous system.

Network Spinal is a unique practice developed by world-renowned chiropractor Donny Epstein, and it requires a specific set of chiropractic skills relating to the patterning of the nervous system, rather than individual segments of the spine.

Therefore, a Network Spinal Practitioner
 must undergo a significant amount of additional training to ensure they address the spine and nervous system in a holistic way.

You can receive Network Spinal as a practice member through 1:1 entumenets, or attend one of our powerful group Network Spinal sessions.

Want to learn more?

Donny Epstein has expanded the principles of chiropractic to a level that means physical adjustments are not necessary to facilitate healing and change within a person.

If you are considering receiving Network Spinal, please explore the below links to gain a deeper understanding of the practice and how it can support you.




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Our Network Spinal Practitioners

At The Tuning Room we are proud to have four fully qualified and experienced Network Spinal practitioners, who not only deliver high quality care to our practice members, but to The Tuning Room team, too.

The on-going care and high standards of wellbeing we have for the team ensures our practice members receive the best possible quality care.

Want to learn how Network Spinal can support you?

Contact us today to arrange a consultation with one of our experts.

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