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A seeker is someone who is destined and called for more in life, and they know there is more to life than their current pain and circumstances


At The Tuning Room, our vision is to reconnect humanity with its primordial conscious state of health and well-being.
We welcome anyone who seeks alignment & enlightenment.

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Our practice inspires a collaborative community to facilitate a harmonised world of health, love, and peaceful evolution. We facilitate the enlightenment of each person to the natural, innate, and fundamental self- healing capacity within their own body.


We do this through using natural methods centred around hands on care.

We measure the sympathetic stress demands on the body, its capacity to deal with that stress, and facilitate physical, emotional, and chemical well-being through embodying a para-sympathetic state. 

We aim to provide a committed, caring, and welcoming communal family approach to meet each individual where they are at on their journey. 

We are passionate about transforming the consciousness of humanity, and we have created a space and a community at The Tuning Room that facilitates and inspires this. 

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The Tuning Room is a place that seekers can feel at home. Our community library is home to a wide selection of books that can support your on your journey of healing and evolution

Want to discover what it is to be a Seeker? 

Donny Epstein, creator of Network Spinal (an entunment available in The Tuning Room) has this topc covered on his YouTube, and in his new book called The Seekers Code

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Are you called for more? 
Call us today to arrange a seekers consultation

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