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Here at The Tuning Room, we deliver our own brand of relaxation therapy to de-stress your nervous system. With full qualifications in Reflexology, aromatherapy, holistic massage and reiki, there is sure to be something for everyone to experience relaxation at the deepest level.

The Tuning Room provides ‘Relaxology’ which is a unique, personalised experience found only here at The Tuning Room. Coming under the Relaxology brand, embark on a journey of Reflexology, Reiki and Aromatherapy or Holistic Massage. We will help support the transformative change you want to make, improving your life, living with better, more manageable levels of stress, anxiety, pain or discomfort. We aim to induce a feeling of deep, blissful relaxation, and since it has been estimated that an average 70% of illness is stress-related, this is a major influence in the return to optimal health and well-being [2]. Over a course of  Relaxology appointments, this state of relaxation will become deeper and more established.


To anyone who is looking to improve their health and well-being, whether you are struggling with physical symptoms from a condition, becoming overwhelmed and stressed by the pressures of day-to-day living, or simply wanting to indulge in some time for yourself, The Tuning Room may be the answer that you’re looking for.


All appointments here at The Tuning Room, are individually tailored to each person, as we are all incredibly unique beings; give us a call today on 07931856237, or book online to take your first step in your Relaxology journey.




Upon arrival at The Tuning Room reception, you will be greeted by our friendly team. We know this can be a nervous time but we will make you feel welcome. Our Holistic Therapist will greet you and show you through to the consultation room. You will remain fully clothed during the consultation process. After the consultation we will tell you if we can help you; Lisa will then prepare a report of the findings of the consultation and examination.



In your second appointment, we will discuss the results of your consultation and highlight the areas of your nervous system and the body that have been affected and will explain how the root cause of your problem is affecting your health. Your personalised care plan will be explained and if you are happy the tuning process can begin, and you will start your very own journey to optimum health; you will be able to make your appointment schedule and plan your route to a better you.



Reflexology is a is a natural, holistic, complementary therapy, using only human therapeutic touch, to bring about optimal health and well-being by working with the mind, body, spirit and emotions of an individual. It is based on the discovery that there are reflex points on the feet which correspond directly to organs, systems and structures found within the body. When a reflex point is stimulated on the feet it brings about a response in the corresponding organ or area [1]. This in turn helps detect and encourage healing with any imbalances within the organs, tissues, or overall systems within the body. Reflexology encourages improved circulation of blood and lymph to the cells and tissues of the body, which is vital to health, nourishing cells and helping eliminate waste from the body, creating homeostasis within the body; this brings about an abundance of energy and vitality to the body. It is based on several fundamental principles. [1]


Reflexology aims to realign the energy imbalance and unblock those energy fields, creating a healthy flow of energy through the body.


  1. The Energy Hypothesis: The vital energy of life force that circulates throughout the body is sometimes blocked. Reflexology helps the energy to recirculate.

  2. The Lactic Hypothesis: Deposits of lactic acid microcrystals that disturb the energy flow are crushed through reflexology work, allowing the energy to recirculate again.

  3. The Reflexing Effect Hypothesis: Many physical problems have to do with persistent tension and stress. Reflexology relaxes the patient.

  4. The Psychological Hypothesis: Reflexology techniques allow care and concern to be shown.

These basic theories are related to energy, and the restoration of energy levels in individuals… They advocate that pathways which are restricted/blocked within the body can be opened, thereby restoring energy flow, leaving the body in a parasympathetic, healing state.


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