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What is your mind?

Written by Thomas Greenfield

“We know the mind isn’t confined to the brain or the body”

After reading this fascinating article and listening to one of my coaches Dr Donny Epstein, I was initiated to write this blog. It seems that the mind is not simply the perception of our experiences. The mind itself IS THE experiences.

“The emergent self-organising process, both embodied and relational, that regulates energy and information flow within and amongst us”

This means that any experience or interaction we have in the world is happening within and through us as matter. An “emergent process” is something that is totally novel and comes through the energetic intelligences. The energetic intelligences are the parts of our innate intelligence that are categorised into:








For a full description of the innate intelligences wait for my later blog on these 😊

So the energetic intelligences flow through us in the body and in relationship to others. If you define yourself by a role in life, such as a father, this role will impact every other role in your life, such as a son or brother.

Whatever the emotions that move through the mind, it is your experiences of that in the mind that gives you your perception of the world. It is completely impossible to disentangle our perception of the world from how we experience it and what we believe to be real. SO the world is not as it is, it is as we perceive it to be.

Think about that for a moment. The world is not one objective reality. Each individual is experiencing the world in their own unique way. What we all see, hear, feel and smell are interpreted differently unique to coding and integration of the world.

If you choose to upgrade your experience of reality, through the conscious and ecological use of energy and information, you can choose to experience the world in whatever way you choose to do so.

“Your thoughts, feeling, memories, and attention are part of mind”.

In this sense, we can literally change our mind (consciousness) to whatever we choose.

The mind meets the mathematic definition of a complex system, it is not a closed environment. It is randomly distributed, and non-linear. This means that a small input change leads to a complex and unknown infinite change in the system. Complex systems are self-organising. If you have poor self-organisation, you get chaos, and this leads to mental health challenges, according to Seagull. This leads to the symptoms of mental health disorders. If we experience either too much stability or too much instability, we get messed up - This is the concept of edge of chaos.

The edge of chaos is that point where maximum flux occurs.

The mind binds energy keeping you stable, so it doesn’t drop to a lower level. Unbound energy – an abundance amount of energy between us and the field gives a state of energy richness. This is where we have enough energy and bandwidth to reorganise prior rigid energetic patterns, that were bound by our socially conditioned thoughts in our mind. These occur when we believe that our circumstances equal our reality, and we are simply support the cultural norms for safety.

According to Seagull, integration either within the brain or within society is a foundation of a healthy mind. Holding multiple perspectives in any aspect of life is essential to drive your mind with greater instability to drive a higher order of self-organisation.

So, how do we manage all of this to create the life experiences that we want to?

Network spinal, a practice that is experienced at The Tuning Room, upgrades the spinal neural network of the body and the field of consciousness. This network is what interfaces between the body and the field of energy around the body. This network can integrate the coherent energy between your heart and the field around it. The heart generates the unbound energy in the field, consistent with the emotions of love, which fuels your influences and link to the spinal gateways located in the spine. If the spinal gateways in the spine are developed to a high enough bandwidth level, they are able to take more energy and information through them and expand your ability to experience the world.

In our modern society, we have the concept that the mind is brain activity, the self, and we don’t really belong. But we are part of each other’s lives. We are not separate to each other. WE are interconnected through the field of energy around us. The mind is not just brain activity; it’s a relational process, there is a huge sense of belonging – in the collective field or consciousness. To experience this, you need to open your mind, accessing the unbound energy.

The mind is beyond the body. Kelso, in the journal of neural imaging, says the term “Meta stability”, coined by Kelso himself, is the tendency of local regions to express their independence. It must be balanced with the ability to integrate and co-ordinate the energy and information brought to a system globally.

The “field” is the intermediary between the individual Nervous System locally and the energy and information of the cosmos. The quality of our lives is in direct relation to how global we see who we are, and the range of the emotions we consciously participate with in the field.

When we stack multiple perspectives at the same time, we have expanded our experience to the quality of our lives. This allows us to harness our gifts and bring them forth to the world for the greater experience of humanity. The next tier of human evolution is essential to harnessing the power of each individuals expression of their gifts.

How does consciousness evolve? The ability to visualise, manifest and be. It originates in the physical body, where we have different nerve cells that are anatomically based, but somehow, they create a quantum entanglement together through vibrational waves, which is organised by the ontological triad: Cognition, Structure and Function



Structure, function, and cognition form the ontological triad, with each component influencing each other. Interference to one component, leads to destabilisation of the triad, leading to immeasurable changes of the activity of the remaining 2 components. This leads to a drop in capacity to hold energy.

The type of the structure, the function, and the cognition impact neural dynamics to produce a change in the consciousness. Our understanding of this triad sets up the basis of meta stability. The quantum entanglement of neurons emerges from the physical body into consciousness.

Any disruptions in the triad of change impacts network connections and influences meta instability in the brain, leading to physical, structural, neural, and psychological pathology.

My current understanding is that one has an optimum triad, and how the 4 dimensional Nervous System and body are linked to your personal epi-field. Your ep-field is the field of energy immediately around and within your body. It is the linkage between the 4th Dimension and higher dimensions. The epi field communicates the larger nonlocal, non-temporal, not in time or space, cloud of all information, which contains all mathematical possibilities for existence.

Harmony of the energy and information in the personal epi field around the body, across space and time with quantum entanglement, leads to a coherent Nervous system within the body and mind.

So, in summary:

  • The mind (consciousness) is the how we experience the world individually

  • A coherent nervous system is vital to harness maximum energy and information for the chosen experience

  • Developed Spinal gateways in your spine are required to integrate this energy and information

  • The unbound energy in the field of consciousness of the universe connects everyone and everything

  • We require a developed nervous system to handle the high bandwidth of energy and information that comes with the unbound energy

  • The quality of our lives is in direct relation to how global we see who we are, and the range of the emotions we consciously participate with in the field.

  • Expand your consciousness through network spinal to experience the reality you seek

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