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Part Four


Days 6-9:


Now over the next 3 days would be the gate experience. I don't want to go into too much details of this experience, because it is something you have to experience - it is very profound and cannot be put into words. 


In a nutshell, it is an event of around 250 people coming together to have spinal network care performed on them, and to experience a greater energy potential in your body. Spinal network care is a light touch technique of chiropractic, that reduces the flight or fight response and connects the body with innate intelligence so the body can heal. During this process, divine experiences can occur. If you're intrigued whilst reading this, 

Watch "PRESENCE | The EpiEnergetics Experience" on YouTube


Then please let me know if this is something that interests you. It's about to transform my life and when I learn this technique over the next 6 months, it will transform other people's lives too.


I met some fantastic people over the weekend. I really connected with a few people and would like to share their stories here and why they were at the gate. I met a couple who had brought their 5 year old son. The father was an orthodontist and the mother was a ER nurse. When there son was 2 years old he had a virus which made fluid on his lungs and he almost died. Infact at one point he stopped breathing for over 10 minutes. The father told me the story of how he thought he had lost him but how he fought to get the fluid drained again whilst he had stopped breathing. This near death experience had left the son with severe breathing problems. They had tried standard chiropractic which helped but they came across the spinal network care which has virtually returned this kid to normal. I watched the son being entrained and I've never seen so much energy from a 5 year old. 


Literally everyone at the gate was operating on another level I haven't experienced before. I finished on Monday evening in a state of contentment and blissfulness. Eager to get home and implement what I have learnt!

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