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Part Four


I awoke on day 5 at 7am after a broken night’s sleep. Next door in the hotel were playing loud music till 1 am but I didn't want to disturb them. I opened the curtains from the 7th floor to the bright Colorado sunshine and the snow laden mountains in the background. The view really was stunning, and this picture doesn't do it justice!


After reading the Joe Dispenza book yesterday I had 2 different kinds of meditation to try out this morning. The first one was a technique used to manifest future goals: a technique which made me think I should run a group class for all new patients to show them how to use this technique to help with the healing process. You can apply it to any aspect of your life. The second meditation was one to boost the endocrine system and immune system to produce coherent electromagnetic signals in the system. Both techniques made me feel grounded and energised.


After doing 20 minutes of yoga I really felt extremely weak this morning. I couldn't even do a simple pelvic bridge. I usually take this as a sign that I'm run down, but I second guessed this as I haven't really done anything too physical in the last 4 days. Maybe it was the travel yesterday? Anyway, I proceeded to doing a Wim Hof breathing exercise and I was shocked. First round 28 seconds, second round 45 seconds and third round 57 seconds. Bearing in mind 3 days ago I got over 2 minutes on the third round, I was shocked. And then I realised, it must be the altitude. Denver is known as the mile-high city, situated 1600m above sea level. I gathered that the change in altitude in the last 24 hours had sent my oxygen saturation levels plummeting. My haemoglobin carrying capacity had been reduced to a level that was affecting my CV system. At least I wasn't run down. I would acclimatise within 48 hours.


So, it was off to omni Chiropractic to meet Dr Nelson Vetanze. I arrived at 8:37, and there was plenty of hustle and bustle in the clinic, but no Dr V. He rocked up at 8:59, waltzed in like he owns the place, (that's probably because he does)!


We set off and he was talking me through every patient and getting me hands on from the first minute. I really don't know what happened this trip but every time each chiro has been so keen to get me hands on. Maybe I was giving off some energy I don't know, but I was sure getting in touch with some sort of energy. Every time there was a huge energy shift after an adjustment, I would literally feel the vibrations emanate out of the person body and affect me. Vetanze has a gift to feel and adjust with speed and lightness of touch. This was a common theme I'd learnt so far, lightness of touch, you don't have to heavy handed.


I watched him for 5 hours and I thought I knew his GPA method inside out. How wrong I was. He had evolved it to include even more breath-taking adjustments. I learnt a double public bone wedge adjustment, a seated c7 t1 decompression manoeuvre, a sacral occipital reset mechanism, and an unbelievable c1.2 anterior lift anterior to posterior direction. I know most people won't have any reference point to these names of adjustments, but I, like most chiropractors will read those manoeuvres named and think they're not possible. It really was phenomenal to see in action. Also big thanks to Dr Roger who helped me massively with a few of those techniques.


After the shift Dr V sat with me for 30 minutes and we had a fantastic discussion of everything and he imparted some wisdom of chiropractic, business and amongst other things: he enlightened me to the fact that there was a young Asian homosexual male in his clinic that morning who we had seen. He told me of how he was depressed about his sexuality and was considering suicide. Through chiropractic Dr V had managed to turn this teenager around from wanted to commit suicide to now getting a scholarship at Harvard University to study Music. A truly heart felt story indicative of the work he was doing here touching people's lives.


It was finished for lunch and I was headed up to Westminster to the hotel for the start of the Gate experience. I met there with my room mate Chris, a chiropractor from LA who had been part of the Network spinal group for over 10 years and was a master practitioner. I had met him in Italy back in November and taken me under his wing: to shcih I will be eternally grateful. He offered to room with me this time in Colorado. There was a group of 10 of us that went to dinner, of which I knew nobody. How soon that changed. This would be a theme of the weekend: the people here at the Gate experience were all of a higher vibrational consciousness, answering a call of a higher power to attend. We had dinner and went back to the hotel ready for the opening speech.


Donny Epstein took to the stage and set the tone for the next 3 and a half days. I was so so excited...


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