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Part One:

It was talking with the current Cardiff Devils coach Andrew Lord in early 2019 which first sparked my interest. He asked me to look at one of the Devils players who wasn't healing as expected. He said he usually sends players who have been injured in these circumstances (especially concussions) to see "a wizard" of a chiropractor in Vancouver called Donny. However, the cost of flights, and travel was understandably high. Immediately I sought this man's details, a doctor Donald Grant who works out of Vancouver.  Within a week I had spoken with him on the phone and he said he would consider me to visit. After feedback from the outcome of the Devils player, I emailed again explaining what I had done, and the response told me he understood and respected my level of competence. I managed to persuade him to let me visit in 2020!! More on this later.

Some of you may be aware I went to a seminar in November in Como, Italy with Dr Donny Epstein.
Traditionally a chiropractor, this man has developed his own technique of energetic healing called spinal network, part of the epienergetics brand. I was exposed to a new kind of energy that I had never even thought possible. It has sparked my path onto energetic healing, and I look to complete my spinal network program this year. The next stage of that process is a visit to the gate in Denver, in February.

Whilst in Denver, I wanted to revisit another great chiropractor I have so much admiration for, and that is Dr Nelson Vetanze. He developed the GPA method of aligning the skeletal system that I practice today. This man is the best adjustor I have ever had the privilege of experiencing an adjustment. He has a gift.

And so, it was my plan to align all 3 destinations into a 10-day trip in February 2020. The financial investment would be substantial, but I knew I would come back a wealthier person in knowledge, skill and spirit.

The alarm went off at 6am on Sunday 9th February. I was off to Heathrow, and in the midst of storm Ciara, the weather looked bleak, but this did nothing to dampen my spirits. The national express was involuntarily being blown across the M4 sideways. I was excited for the unknown of the trip ahead and looking forwards to my first leg of the trip to Vancouver. I arrived at terminal 2 and scouted the information board for the check in desk number... 13.20 Flight to Vancouver... CANCELLED. Annoyingly, the winds led to the flight being cancelled, and I was rescheduled onto the flight 24 hours later.

Not to worry, I had a day in London to spend proactively. I caught the tube into Knightsbridge where the rain was bouncing off the pavement. I sought refuge in an office porch way where I was joined by a rugged Romanian man in his 40s. In our joint attempts to avoid the lashing rain, he offered me a beer. We ended up having lunch together, and then I adjusted his wrist, which he had struggled with for years! This man gave me hope for the average Londoner. It really struck me on the tube in London how most people there are so stressed. Barging past people on the escalator, seemingly and visibly emotionally upset by having to wait an extra 2 seconds or rushing to squeeze onto a train when another is arriving in 2- or 3-minutes time. A true reflection of society where most are stuck in a sympathetic dominant state: rushed, poor concentration, and irritability are just a few signs of being in a sympathetic state.

I went back to the hotel and did some reading, a great book by Joe Dispensa, becoming supernatural. I went to the hotel spa for a steam room and meditation and also a Wim Hof breathing, which seemed to be intensified 100x by the heat of the steam room. These excursions really give me the time I don't usually have to reflect and implement new techniques to improve my health. Due to the chaos of travel and the hotel it was 9pm and I hadn't eaten since 1:30. I didn't feel hungry and after reading about intuitive healing, I decided to fast. I had a lemon and ginger herbal tea before bed.

Earlier that day on the bus I had read a book on how to maximise sleep by a man called Matthew Walker "why we sleep". He went into the physiology and importance of quality sleep. Tonight, was to be my first night of using a sleep app called 'sleep cycle'. You leave the app open on your phone on your bedside table and it senses the length and quality of sleep, snoring patterns, and it also has a window of when you would like to wake up.  Over a chosen 30-minute period it introduces incremental light and sounds to wake you gently.

I have never been a fan of fit bits, Garmin, apple watches or any other wearable devices:  the Bluetooth and GPS signals are inside our magnetic field of the body and can cause negative impacts on the nervous system - in some individuals. This is the first app I have come across that measures sleep without the negative impact of "wearables".

If any of you are interested in this, David Icke talks about the agenda of technology and says the 3 stages are:

1) Holdables - those devices such as mobiles, iPods and iPads that become addictive to hold

2) Wearables - incentives to Wear technology 24-7 for perceived health or other benefits

3) Insertables - the next stage after 2020 that encourages microchips in humans. This has already started in Sweden. All Identification, passports, driving license, bank cards will all be stored on a chip. This also aligns with the agenda of becoming a cashless society. That's another topic for another day.

I had a good quality 9 hours 20 minutes sleep before waking @7:40. 20 minutes yoga, 20 minutes core work, steam room, Wim Hof and packed ready for the new flight today.

Going though baggage checks it was apparent that at Heathrow cameras are everywhere. They have these scanning machines where you have to put your hands above your head, and it rotates around you. I took a picture of the machine, to which a manager came over and apprehended my phone and instructed the photo had to be deleted for security purposes! Talk about censorship... however I managed to turn this into a positive interaction as I had a discussion with him about how the machine worked. The "L3 Provision 2" apparently uses radio waves, which produce less radiation than a mobile phone. He also suggested that if selected to go through it is mandatory to be subjected to the radio waves , which I suspect may be contestable in a court of law, although you are making yourself a highly suspicious target to be saying no to a body check in an airport.

I spent most of the time in departures answering emails, running a team meeting and discussing the new projects for The Tuning Room. These include new yoga sessions led by Sadie, to start in the first week of March. We are also opening a 2nd venue in the modern loft Co good sheds project in Barry, ordering some new benches, plus going through the process of hiring a new CA. All systems go, but I managed to spare 5 minutes to download 3 books on amazon kindle for the flight.

I read a book called "What is Shamanic Healing?" It talked a lot about healing through magnetic energy, but one thing that struck me was everything is just a pure vibration. Sound vibrations through voice tone and music can play a massive part on how we feel. How many of you can feel energizer or depressed by music? This is why musicians have the capacity to inspire hundreds of thousands of people to a venue to enjoy the good vibes or vibrations of music. It just clicked in this moment for me... So much so it inspired me to spend an hour of the journey scouring air Canada's 140 hours or music for vibrations that will heal. I'm also intent on investing in an advanced sound system for the clinic. 

As the flight got into full swing, I felt a rush of excitement of what was to come over the next 9 days. Next stop, Vancouver…

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