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The Tuning Process - First Visit


Upon arrival at The Tuning Room reception you will be greeted by our friendly team. We know this can be a nervous time but we will make you feel welcome. Your chiropractor will greet you and show you through to the consultation room. We will take a full life medical history before a full body examination including chiropractic, neurological and postural tests. X-rays can be referred for if necessary. Usually no treatment is given on the initial visit as we will need to assess your circumstances, your x-rays and your spinal report to compile a report of findings. It is not best practice at this point to jump straight into treatment.

2nd Visit - Report of Findings

This is where you will discuss the results of your consultation. We will highlight the areas of your nervous system that have been affected and explain how the root cause of your problem is affecting your health. Your personalised treatment plan will be explained and the tuning process can begin. You will be able to make your appointment schedule and plan your route back to health.

The Tuning Process

The tuning process is simple and effective. At the Tuning Room we use a combination of structural adjustments through gravitational pattern alignment, muscle testing and soft tissue releases. Together with bespoke rehabilitation programs, hydrotherapy and diet plans we aim to get your body to its optimum health and performance. 


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